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Spanish Residency Visa - The new law passed through the Spanish parliament allows for any non European Union citizens to obtain immediate immigration to Spain and effectively permanent residency through a property investment of over 500,000 Euros. Also known as the Spanish Golden Visa this grants the owner residency in Spain, which can be renewed until five years and then it becomes permanent at which point citizenship and a Spanish passport can be applied for. This is ideal for high nett worth and business minded individuals looking to relocate and have a base in Europe. Families have the option of migrating to Spain through this system that offers an opportunity to enjoy the European lifestyle .


Spain is presently one of the best value countries in the European Union to own property in. It enjoys all year round warm weather that offers an excellent quality of life. The Costa del Sol is the home or business base of a varied and cosmopolitan mix of international residents.

It offers a lifestyle like no other with excellent infrastructure, schools, medical facilities and security. Hundreds of daily flights link the Costa del Sol to destinations worldwide. With property prices at their lowest, there has never been a better time to own property in Spain.

Established in 2003, First 4 Property Spain is a Relocation Specialist Agent. We have been consistently assisting clients purchase property on the Costa del Sol. We guarantee to source for our clients the best value properties and negotiate the lowest possible price obtainable. Below you will see our database of over 3,500 properties priced over 500,000€ that will qualify you for the Spanish Golden Visa Program.

On our main website www.nd.first4propertyspain.com you will see each and every property for sale on the Costa del Sol from budget apartments to high quality bespoke villas. As a company we have bought and sold various properties ourselves and are well equipped with the knowledge and expertise to assist you in investing wisely and successfully in the local Spanish Property market.

First 4 Property Spain are now registering and processing clients for the Spanish Golden Visa under the Investor Visa bill approved in September 2013. We work closely with our partners in Law to not only source excellent property investment opportunities but to ensure that the Golden Visa applications are submitted correctly and followed through until completion. Every application will be processed with diligence and competence.

All transactions such as deposits, sale, purchasing and completion costs must be processed through a law firm. The Property purchasing laws and Golden Visa application is a standardised process throughout Spain. We look forward to assisting you through the process.


  • The minimum investment of 500,000€ must be mortgage free meaning it must be a cash investment.
  • The 500,000€ investment can be made up of several properties of your choice such as a villa for 350,000€ and an apartment for 150,000€
  • The Property Taxes and Stamp Duty will be approximately 11% on top of the price of the property.
  • The property investment must be completed before the Property Visa application which will be approved and finalized within 20 days.
  • There is no minimum stay required in Spain and the Visa holder is not required to be a tax resident in Spain unless they are setting up a company based in Spain.
  • The Property Visa must be renewed for the first 5 years and the property must be maintained during this period although it can be rented out if required as an investment.
  • After 5 years the Resident Visa becomes a Permanent Visa and Spanish citizenship can be applied for.
  • The Spanish Property Visa can also be granted only to immediate family such as spouses and children.
  • All applicants will be granted the Spanish Property Visa barring a criminal record.

First 4 Property Spain will first ensure that clients are qualified to purchase property in Spain prior to their arrival in Spain. We will exclusively handle all Property Purchasing trips.

A shortlist of properties will be selected and presented to the client before the trip. The client will be given a comprehensive tour of the local areas. We can offer advice and arrange mortgages and currency transfer for you if required. First 4 Property Spain will manage and rent out your property if that is your intention.

We offer complete transparency and are committed to share our knowledge. We guarantee a high level of service to our clients as we have done over the past 10 years.